Bed Bug Removal Services in Centennial, CO

A bed bug is a parasite which found mainly in beds and furniture survives by sucking blood from human beings. Bed bugs are a problem that make homes inhabitable. They bite you especially at night, you may find bloodstains on your bed sheets, this is because of crushing them as you roll over after they have fed on you or you may spot black stains on your furniture. For you to feel safe in your home again you need to get rid of them completely.


Pest Control Centennial Keeps Bed Bugs Out Of Your Home

Pest Control Centennial specializes in keeping bed bugs out of your home.  Our certified service technicians are specially trained in the latest scientific techniques, preventing future infestations from occurring.  These are some of the ways you can prevent getting bed bugs. Reduce clutter. Remove everything that is permanently placed in the rooms. Stuff all this thing in plastic bags to prevent transfer of the bed bugs to other areas in your house. This will make it easy for you to reach those places that bed bugs hide most. Launder infested clothes and bedding.  Clothes and bedding cannot be treated with insecticides instead wash them with hot water or have them dry cleaned. The heat will kill the bed bugs.

Dismantle bed frames. This will expose the insects hiding places which helps to do thorough cleaning and even better spraying. For those things you cannot wash, you can try to vacuum them. Clean the area. Scrub the areas with bed bugs with a brush to remove eggs. Vacuum the room thoroughly giving much care to cracks in the furniture as this would be the most likely place for bed bug to hide. After you are done dispose the vacuum bags in an outdoor trash can or if possible somewhere far from the house and clean the vacuum cleaner thoroughly. Caulk and seal. Seal all places where wires and pipes penetrate the wall and floor to reduce areas that harbor bed bugs.

Call the experts at Pest Control Centennial and we can help mitigate bed bugs. Once you have gotten rid of the bed bugs, take measures to ensure you don’t get them again. First, carefully examine all things that come into your home mostly second hand equipment, furniture, electronics among others. Also when you arrive home from a trip or vacation inspect your luggage for signs of bed bugs before bringing them back into the home.  If there is evidence of bed bugs clean, vacuum, or bag those items as we described above.  This will help you protect your house from another bed bug attack in case the place you visited was infested. It is also a good practice to inspect your bed every time you change your bedding. At the first sign of bed bugs give us a call and our trained and skilled technicians will come out and help solve the problem.