Residential Pest Control Services

Residential Pest Control

Do you need residential pest control services?  We want to provide you and your family a safe place to live, a place free from ants, mice, spiders, or any other vermin that typically find their way into our homes in Colorado.  If you are concerned that you may have a pest problem, but are unsure if professional residential pest control is necessary, give us a call and speak to us.  We will educate you in pest habits, and what to expect if you were to have a pest problem that we would need to come out and treat.

Residential Pest Control Keeps Pests Out Of Your Home

Pest Control Centennial specializes in keeping those unwanted guests out of your home.  Our certified service technicians are specially trained in the latest scientific techniques, preventing future infestations from occurring. Interior and perimeter treatments are provided with flexible scheduling arranged to ensure your satisfaction.   Don’t worry most problems are corrected in a single visit with our residential pest control services.  The synthetic products are designed to remain effective for at least sixty days and sometimes up to a year, depending on the pest that is targeted.  More importantly, these synthetic products are safe for children and your household pets. So if you are unsure of having a professional pest control company in your home, we ensure that we keep your family and loved ones safe as we choose the best treatment for your home.  Call us today to get a quick hassle free quote!

We offer wildlife removal services as well.  If a larger animal is on your property, please give us a call and we can humanely capture and relocate it to a safer environment away from your neighborhood.

Our technicians are also trained and skilled at providing pest control services for commercial locations such as businesses, stores, restaurants, nurseries etc.